10 best plants for your bedroom

A striking plant in the corner of your bedroom can improve indoor air quality and even help you sleep better. Discover our 10 favourite bedroom plants at Prickle in this guide.
Best Plants for your Bedroom | Prickle Plants

The best bedroom plants don't just add to the interior design of your bedroom, they can also help you sleep better. Naturally drawing carbon dioxide from the air and emitting peaceful vibes all day and all night, some indoor plants are made for bedrooms.

The 10 plants on our list below have been carefully selected from the range of pricks here at Prickle. There are plants that fill tall spaces and others that are happy perched on your chest of drawers. From sunny bedrooms to shady corners, we have a plant for everyone. Once you have chosen your perfect bedroom plant, read our care guides to keep your new pal thriving.

Choosing bedroom plants

There are a few key reasons why you'd choose a few plants for your bedroom over others. At Prickle, we have selected these bedroom plants for their:

  • Air purifier status and ability to remove indoor air pollutants,

  • High, low and moderate light conditions to suit bedrooms with all light conditions,

  • Sizes that fit on a bedside table or can fill a lonely corner,

  • Medium to low maintenance requirements, so your bedroom plant removes stress rather than adding to it!

Some plants will release oxygen at night, improving the quality of your indoor air and even helping increase sleep quality. By keeping plants in your bedroom, it will not only look stylish, but help rid your home of nasty toxins.

Other plants have certain humidity requirements that may require adjusting the level of moisture in the air of your room. Finding the right humidity levels for you and your plant can also resolve other issues, such as congestion or dry skin developing overnight as well as snoring!

Our best plants for bedroom spaces

Filling your bedroom with the best indoor plants listed below can do wonders for your health! These air plants can literally cleanse the air and who doesn't feel calmer when they're carefully tending to some feng shui plants before bedtime? Take a deep breath, get your blood pressure under control, and improve your sleep quality by sharing your bedroom with these sleepy Prickles.

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, also known as the Ficus Lyrata, is one of our favourite bedroom plants. Although the air purifying Fiddle Leaf Fig isn't as colourful as some flowering plants, the large foliage is eye-catching all the same, and will purify the air just as well.

Fiddle Leaf Fig prefers bright light and is happy in either indirect light or the occasional sunbeam, however too much shade isn't good for it. As for water and humidity, this is a diva plant that is happy with regular watering and the occasional mist of water.

The leaves of this plant are toxic to babies and pets, so it's best for homes without curious little ones. As the maximum height it will grow to is 2 metres, it's hard to keep the Fiddle Leaf Fig on a shelf or off the floor.

Fiddle Leaf Fig | Prickle Plants

2. White Bird of Paradise

This tall sun-lover is a great plant for your bedroom. The White Bird of Paradise, aka the Strelitzia Nicolai, is fast growing and enjoys plenty of mist. This bedroom plant will make a statement thanks to its large green leaves that can quickly reach soaring heights of 3 metres. Make sure this plant has plenty of bright light and direct sun, it can never have too much.

The White Bird of Paradise Plant is also sometimes referred to as the Crane Plant or Wild Banana Plant. To encourage new leaf growth, you can move it to a bedroom balcony in the summer months, or place it near an open window.

Native to South Africa, the White Bird of Paradise is not one of NASA's air purifying plants, but it converts carbon dioxide to fresh air nonetheless. If your bedroom gets quite cold or has very dry air, then the White Bird of Paradise may be a bit uncomfortable. Take a look at the unkillable Cast Iron Plant further down instead.

White Bird of Paradise | Prickle Plants

3. Trailing Jade Plant

Trailing Jade Plants (Peperomia Rotundifolia) comes with glossy green leaves and long stems that trail down around the plant pot. Needing very little sun exposure, Trailing Jade Plants are the right plants for super shady bedrooms. These bedroom plants can even grow under fluorescent lights!

This is one of the best plant varieties if your home lacks natural light and you need a low maintenance Prickle. Keep the soil moist and give it the occasional mist every so often. The trailing nature of this plant makes it perfect for high shelves, dressers and wardrobes. Wherever you place this plant, make sure it's out of the way so babies and pets can't take a nibble of the toxic leaves.

If you'd prefer to grow a smaller plant in your bedroom, you can also find the Trailing Jade Plant as a Lil' Prick. The Lil' Trailing Jade Plant comes in a 6cm nursery pot, so it will fit happily on a windowsill or bedside cabinet.

Trailing Jade Plant | Prickle Plants

4. Flamestar Prayer Plant

The Flamestar Prayer Plant, aka the Calathea Flamestar, adds some interest to your sleep environment with unique leaves. This bedroom plant is part of our statement plants thanks to its two-toned leaves; green tops and dark, almost purple undersides. Needing bright indoor light, the big elongated heart shaped leaves will get busy removing carbon dioxide from the air.

The best plants for your bedroom, like the Flamestar Prayer Plant, thrive in warm temperatures. This plant loves regular mistings, try and replicate the humid environment of the Brazilian Rainforest. Part of our 'diva' collection of plants, a careful eye is needed.

Flamestar Calathea | Prickle Plants

5. Cast Iron Plant

One of the sturdiest best bedroom plants, Cast Iron Plant is a shade-loving Prickle with delightful elegant foliage. Growing atop slender stems, the big green leaves of the Aspidistra Elatiorare slow to emerge and totally non-toxic.

This palm plant variety grows to a maximum height of 1 metre, making it approximately halfway between the tallest and shortest plants on our list. As it's a slow grower, you have plenty of time to provide some more space as it grows.

Happiest in shade or very low indirect light, this is the best plant for dark corners in the bedroom or hallway. Water it regularly, watching out for brown leaves that indicate dire thirst, and occasionally clean the leaves with a damp cloth if they get a little dusty. The Cast Iron Plant is definitely the best plant for a beginner!

Cast Iron Plant | Prickle Plants

6. Spider Plant

Spider Plants, particularly the Curly Spider Plant (Chlorophytum bonnie), are almost as popular as our Snake Plant! Spider Plants make wonderful bedroom companions as they have low maintenance foliage. With a little mist every now and then, the Spider Plant will stay vibrant and fresh with little effort required.

Like many plants, the Spider Plant prefers bright yet indirect lighting from a nearby window. Bright sunlight is good, but direct sunlight can brown the leaves. That being said, it's not too happy with low light conditions either. Move the plant around your room to find the perfect spot.

Besides cleansing the air, the Curly Spider Plant is also pet-friendly and trailing. It looks wonderful on a high shelf or in a hanging basket style plant pot.

Curly Spider Plant | Prickle Plants

7. Zebra Elephant Ear

The Zebra Elephant Ear Plant, aka the Alocasia zebrina, a relative of the African Mask Plant above, is another of our best bedroom plants. This Prickle loves bright indirect sunlight and doesn't tolerate low light conditions very well. Despite this, it's pretty low maintenance and won't get mad at you if you forget to water it!

Keep the air moist with plenty of mist to increase room humidity and water fairly regularly to keep the soil a little moist. The ideal temperature for this Prickle is between 18°C and 22°C, so don't let your bedroom get too cold. The Zebra Elephant Ear Plant will also purify the air and produce oxygen at night to keep the air fresh and clean.

The distinctive striped stems and angular leaves grow quite tall, so it's great to decorate a tall, empty space in the corner of your room. Don't panic if the leaves drop in the winter, as this plant can hibernate to an extent through to cold winter months. It will brighten up as the sun returns in spring!

Zebra Elephant Ear | Prickle Plants

8. Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus Fern, also known at the Asparagus plumosus, can tolerate lower light conditions very well - in fact, it likes to avoid indirect sunlight altogether. As a result, it's one of the best plants for shady bedrooms and dull corners that need a little life. With regular misting and a trim here and there to remove dying fronds, the Asparagus Fern will thrive.

Although it's a fast grower, the Asparagus Fern is one of the smaller bedroom plants at Prickle. It will grow to a maximum height of 1 metre and should be kept in a location away from pets and babies. The foliage is beautiful, albeit toxic when ingested.

Asparagus Fern | Prickle Plants

9. Mother in Law's Tongue (Snake Plant)

The Snake Plant, aka the Sansevieria laurentii, is an air purifier that will cleanse the air quality in your bedroom. One of the most popular plants in the bedroom category, Snake Plants like bright indirect light but are notoriously unfussy - if your room is a little dark, the Snake Plant won't mind in the slightest.

These laid-back indoor plants have distinctive spear-like foliage rather than bushy leaves or slender stems. They're eye-catching and definitely a good plant companion for anyone who's tired of the classics, like the Peace Lily or Aloe Vera.

Native to a desert environment, the Snake Plant likes very dry air and warm temperatures. It's not going to dry out when placed moderately close to a radiator. When it is placed in the perfect conditions, Mother in Law's Tongue can reach heights of 1.2 metres.

Snake Plant | Prickle Plants

10. Rubber Plant

There are two Rubber Plants at Prickle. The Robusta Rubber Plant (Ficus robusta), and the Abidjan Rubber Plant (Ficus abidjan). Both varieties have unique foliage (though not quite as unique as the Snake Plant), and freshen the indoor air by releasing oxygen at night.

The classic Robusta Rubber Plant, our top choice for bedrooms, likes bright indirect light but is also pretty tolerant of shade. If your bedroom doesn't have an overly bright spot, this Rubber Plant will still grow happily so long as it's near a window.

Along with the Weeping Fig and Areca Palm, it's one of our favourites for bringing plenty of green foliage into your home. There's something so peaceful and relaxing about these Prickles!

Rubber Plant | Prickle Plants

Bedroom air purifying plants at Prickle

We firmly believe that every bedroom should have at least one plant to purify the air, add some visual interest, and bring nature into your home! Plants in the bedroom can even help you sleep better by improving the indoor air quality.

Choose any of our best plant varieties from the list above to suit your home. Whether you need a shade-loving fern or a happy palm that loves to sunbathe, there will be a plant that fits your bedroom at Prickle.

Other plants to consider

You can't go wrong with an elegant Peace Lily! Besides Peace Lilies, there are actually several other air purifying Prickles that you may want to consider, like the Aloe Vera Plant. Aloe Vera releases oxygen into the air, for example, and has a decidedly more spiky and striking appearance than our leafy Prickles.

You might also be interested in the Lil' Chinese Evergreen, a shade-tolerant baby plant that brightens the air and provides visual interest with pretty pink shades. Take a look at the Weeping Fig too, if you're looking for a fast-growing plant that will quickly add greenery to your bedroom. For sun-filled bedrooms, we also recommend the pretty (but not air purifying) Areca Palm.

Learn more about Prickle

You can learn more about any of our bedroom plants by finding the variety here at Prickle. From low maintenance plant varieties to pet-friendly Lil' Pricks, you can also find lots of helpful information on how to care for your new green friends here too. Take a look at our blog articles for more advice and tips, or reach out. We love to chat with fellow plant lovers.

Find us on social for plant inspiration next - follow @prickplantsuk. You can also chat with us one-on-one by sending an email to contact@prickleplants.co.uk. We’re always here to hear you!

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