Plants for bedrooms

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Plants for living rooms

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Plants for bathrooms

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Rare & unusual

At Prickle, we are always looking for rare and unusual house plants. These one of a kind leafy friends will make a statement in your home.

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Pet friendly plants

Picking plants when you have a pet or child can be hard, but we have made sure all these house plants don't hurt your little ones.

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Plant pots

Our wide range of indoor plant pots will give your indoor jungle an upgrade. Pick from bright and colourful, to minimal and textured.

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Prickle favourites

Picked by Prickle, our favorite house plants for starting your collection. From our best selling Fishbone Cactus, to the classic Monstera, these plants wil look good in any home.

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We are Prickle Plants

From our greenhouse to your home, explore the world of indoor plants at Prickle. Discover our tried and tested selection of pots, tools, and accessories; everything you need to grow that corner jungle you have always dreamed of. We will help you create your very own relaxing, peaceful, green oasis – no matter how crazy the world around you may be.