The best plants for small business spaces

You don't need to sell plants in your business to brighten the space with a potted plant or two. Find out how tall indoor plants can rejuvenate your small business space for customers and employees alike.
Upright Elephant Ear Plant

You can have the finest project management system, the best customer care team, and the most alluring products, but if your business isn't attractive, it's all going to waste. From coffee shops and restaurants to bookshops and boutiques, adding unique and interesting plant species will really make your business stand out.

Design plant displays for shop windows or embrace your inner indoor landscaping business guru, to freshen up your space with some intriguing plant pals. With many easy-to-care-for varieties, you don't need to be an expert at indoor plant care business to keep them alive either.

Don't worry if your business doesn't have an outside space for outdoor plants - our indoor plants at Prickle will bring the jungle inside!

Plant business success

Adding indoor plants to your business plan is a must. Select plant pots that match your store, find varieties that will thrive in the space, and embrace your green thumb. It is very easy to grow plants in a small business setting and the benefits are obvious:

  • Make your business stand out from the competition,

  • Entice customers with a jungle aesthetic,

  • Add timeless décor to brighten up dark corners.

So, head to our online plant shop to select varieties that will suit your business. A few carefully placed Prickles will enhance your business space without tricking customers into thinking you have your own plant business!

African Mask Plant

Not just for a plant nursery business

Some people have the idea that only plant businesses can grow things in their own space. Or that only stuffy offices with corporate clients can pull off a Peace Lily. But that's not true - many businesses can benefit from incorporating a plant project into their marketing efforts, to entice new and existing customers alike.

Best indoor plants for businesses

It's easy to be overwhelmed when you go to buy plants online - there's a huge range available! We know a thing or two about selling plants online, so here are our five top recommendations for a small business indoor plant.

Swiss Cheese Plant

The pride and joy of many plant shops and a firm favourite among our nursery stock, the Monstera deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant is a staple. With an easy-going entrepreneurial spirit, plant care for this Prickle is blissfully simple. It enjoys bright natural light but not direct sunlight and grows quickly to fill a corner with those iconic holey leaves.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Picturata Prayer Plant

Next up, one plant that never fails to impress in a retail space is the Calathea picturata, better known as the Picturata Prayer Plant. Even if you have the shadiest bar area or stockroom, this prayer plant will thrive. It loves the shade and is pet-friendly too. If you need new plants that are relatively simple to care for with just the basic supplies, it's an excellent choice.

Areca Palm

The Areca lutescens, known as the Areca Palm is one of the most common houseplants that can impress potential customers in your business space. With elegant feather-like foliage, it's perfect for any business offering a luxury service. Like many cactus plants, it's also incredibly easy-going so your staff won't need format training to figure out the best plant care.

Areca Palm

White Bird of Paradise Plant

When buying plants for your business, make sure to consult your brand strategist to ensure the live plants work well with your marketing plan. If "big and beautiful" is what you are aiming for, the Strelitzia Nicolai White Bird of Paradise will fit the bill. Impressing your loyal customers with incredible heights, this sun-lover is perfect for salons and barber shops where it can soak up the warmth and humidity.

Robusta Rubber Plant

While some businesses will relish the opportunity to grow needy tropical indoor plants, other businesses need something a little more robust. Ficus robusta, or the Robusta Rubber Plant, is just what it says on the tin: robust! Impressing old and new customers with those tall, glossy leaves, this rubber plant doesn't need much assistance to flourish. So, don't worry about fancy watering cans or strict misting schedules. Just place this plant in a bright spot and let it grow.

Robusta Rubber Plant

Read our beginner's guide to Rubber Plant Care to learn more.

We do more than sell plants at Prickle

Selling plants is just the start of what we do! Our plant business will help you realise your green thumb, with a full range of interesting and unique indoor plants separated into helpful categories. We have blog articles to expand your know-how too, but don't forget that you can follow and DM us on social to keep up with plant brand news - find us @prickplantsuk.

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