A guide to the Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant is a classic for any plant parent. Our simple plant guide will help you care for your Ficus Robusta.
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No room is complete without the iconic Rubber Plant – an all-time favourite! How could it not be when it’s so easy-going that it can go in any room of your house. Although this laidback chap absolutely loves bright, indirect sunlight, it can handle some time chilling in the shade if need be. But be aware that if your Ficus Robusta starts to lose a couple of leaves, it’s time to get it back to its bright spot ASAP. It’s also worth bearing in mind that giving your rubber plant’s leaves a wipe it will allow extra sunlight in to really ramp up the growing process.

Keep its leaves shiny by wiping them every few days. This will let extra sunlight in and help it grow even faster.

As laid back and easy going as this guy is, there’s an ever so slightly darker side… If you accidentally split one of its leaves, it will let out a little sap which can cause irritation to the skin. Make sure you give them a wash if this happens. Furthermore, they don't play very well with little Pricklettes, so make sure you keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Care Guide

Other Names: Ficus Robusta; Ficus Elastica; Burgundy Rubber Plant;
Light: The Rubber Plant loves bright, indirect light but can handle some shade.
Water: Water when the first 5cm of soil is dry, usually every two weeks.
Environment: It’s happy in any room and will appreciate an occasional mist.
Care: Wash your hands if the sap comes into contact with your skin as it can cause irritation.
Location: Living room, bedroom, hallway, office.
Minimum Temperature: 15 degrees.
Pet Friendly: Keep little ones away from this plant, it's not pet or child friendly.
Propagation: Cut at the stem and plant in soil to propagate.

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Problem Solving

Dropping leaves? Give your Rubber Plant more sunlight.

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