A guide to the Calathea Elgergrass

The Calathea Elgergrass care is easy as a, b, c. Read our simple care guide and start your plant parent journey today.
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We’re sure the second you set your eyes on the Prayer Plant's beautiful leaves, you'll be as obsessed as we are. The leaves of the Fuzzy Feathers are actually covered with tiny velvety hairs, making this plant feel as good as it looks. Luckily the Velvet Calathea is very easy to look after, you’ll only need to water it every two weeks or so.

Calathea care can be easy if you get their watering schedule down and find a great spot for them in your home.

If you notice your Calathea Elgergrass’ leaves curling, do not be alarmed - this is normal and part of its nightly ritual. However, if you notice it happening during the day, you’ll need to mist your plant a bit more often. Your Prayer Plant also gets on very well with other Pricklettes, which is great if you own pets!

Care Guide

Other Names: Calathea Elgergrass; Velvet Calathea; Fuzzy Feathers;
Light: The Prayer Plant likes bright, indirect light or shade. 
Water: Water every two weeks, or when the first 5cm of soil dries out.
Environment: This houseplant loves a humid room or to be misted often.
Care: Avoid direct sunlight, this will bleach the leaves.
Location: Kitchen, bathroom, living room.
Minimum Temperature: 18 degrees.
Pet Friendly: Yay, this plant is child and pet friendly.
Propagation: In spring, add any cuttings to soil to propagate.

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Problem Solving

Curling leaves? This is normal at night, otherwise they need to be misted more often.

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