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Elgergrass Prayer Plant

Calathea Rufibarba Elgergrass

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Shade Tolerant
Pet Friendly
Unique Foliage
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I'm mad about mist, if you mist me regularly I'll love you forever!


I can handle a little shade that's thrown my way, but I prefer to be in bright, indirect sunlight.


Keep it consistent, once the top two inches of soil are dry, water me so I keep looking my best.
Botanical name
Calathea Rufibarba Elgergrass
Prayer Plant; Velvet Calathea; Fuzzy Feathers
Plant type
Indoor; Calathea
Plant height (including pot)
30-40cm; 50-60cm; 80-90cm
Pet/baby safe?
Baby and pet friendly
Growing Speed
Fast grower - max height 90cm
Nursery pot size
12cm; 17cm; 27cm

Top tip

Love velvet? The Calathea Elgergrass has tiny hairs covering the leaves and stems, which gives it a soft, velvet feel.

About Elgergrass Prayer Plant

The Prayer Plant doesn't just look good, it feels amazing too! The tiny hairs cover the leaves and stems of the Calathea Elgergrass giving it a soft, velvety feel. It is pet-friendly and non-toxic too, so you don't have to keep it away from pets or resist stroking its beautiful patterned leaves!

The Calathea Elgergrass is often nicknamed the Prayer Plant because its leaves tend to fold up as though praying at night. So don't panic if this happens! Watch it wake up in the morning if you are up early enough.

This Prickle Plant is ideal for homes with less natural light as the Velvet Calathea is shade tolerant and happy being kept in low light, but you'll see the best of them in bright, indirect light. The Prayer Plant is perfect for any size home as it won't get bigger than 90cm.

Coming from Central America, the Calathea plant likes warm and humid conditions. To care for your Prayer Plant best, keep it in temperatures between 18-23°C, water it regularly, and mist often. If its leaves are dropping, give it more water. Or, if the leaves start to brown, it needs more humidity.

At Prickle, we are always here to hear you! Send us your Calathea Elergrass questions @Prickleplantsuk.