A guide to the Ponytail Palm

The Ponytail Palm is not only easy to care for, but it is pet friendly! Our care guide on this low maintenance plant will help you on your way to plant parenthood.
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If you’re on the lookout for an extremely easy to care for house plant, then look no further than the Ponytail Palm. The Nolina originally hails from the hot and humid areas of Eastern Mexico where water isn’t exactly in abundance. This is why the Elephant's Foot has evolved over time to keep a backup supply of water in its stem. So don’t worry if you decide to have a siesta instead of watering your Beaucarnea Nolina Tall-Straight Stem as you only need to water this plant when the soil has completely dried out.

Trim back the tips of the leaves on your Ponytail Palm to keep it looking its best. Cut just below any discoloured or damaged areas on the leaves.

One thing that will keep your Ponytail Plant “muy bien,” is keeping it well misted. Its desert-dwelling self loves it when there is a bit of moisture in the air so you will ideally want to keep it in the kitchen or bathroom where things can be a bit steamier. It is also worth keeping an eye out if your Nolina’s leaves start turning grey or brown, this is a tell-tale sign for you to give it a mist slightly more often.

We are sure you will love your Ponytail Palm so much due to its easy to care for routine that you will be calling in “chingón” (Mexican slang for awesome!) in no time at all.

Care Guide

Other Names: Beaucarnea Nolina Tall – Straight Stem; Nolina; Elephant's Foot;
Originated: North America.
Light: Your Ponytail Palm likes bright, indirect sunlight. 
Water: Let the soil dry out completely before watering this houseplant.
Environment: Mist this palm often to keep it happy.
Care: Water your Nolina until water flows out the bottom, let it drain fully before putting it back.
Location: Kitchen, bathroom, living room.
Minimum Temperature: 17 degrees
Pet Friendly: Yay, this plant is child and pet friendly.
Propagation: Propagation takes a lot of skill, so we wouldn’t recommend it (we don’t even try).

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Problem Solving

Grey/brown leaves? Your Ponytail Palm wants more humidity, start misting it more often.

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