A guide to the Cycad Palm

Know how to care for your new Sago Palm, or Cycas Revoluta, with our simple plant guide.
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The sun-loving Sago Palm will bring the beach straight to you! Although it’s named the Japanese Sago Palm, it actually comes from Central America, where you’ll find it relaxing by the pool. The Cycas Revoluta strongly resembles a teeny weeny palm tree that will fill your living room, bedroom, or hallway with some major tropical vibes.

The Cycas is not a palm tree, but a cycad. However, we think it fits in so well with our indoor palm trees, that we’ve adopted it as a palm (shhh, don’t tell).

Cycas care is also an absolute (sea) breeze as you only need to remember to water your Sago Plant when the soil is completely dried out - perfect for when you’ve had one too many rums! Being a palm tree lookalike, the Cycas is obviously as much of a sun-lover as you are. Make sure you keep it in bright, indirect sunlight with as little shade as possible. A lack of light can even cause this plant to slow down in growth. So, if you notice one side start to get bigger than the other, give it a turn on a regular basis to even things out.

Unfortunately, this plant is exclusively an adults-only beach “palm tree” so make sure it is kept well out of reach of little and furry Pricklettes.

Care Guide

Other Names: Cycas Revoluta; Japanese Sago Palm; Cyad
Origin: Central America
Light: Keep in bright, indirect sunlight and avoid any shaded corners.
Water: Let the soil dry out completely before watering this indoor palm tree.
Environment: Give it a mist occasionally, every few days to keep it happy.
Care: These leaves can be difficult to dust, so pop in the shower to remove any build-up.
Location: Living room, bedroom, hallway.
Minimum Temperature: 13 degrees.
Pet Friendly: Keep little ones away from this plant, it's not pet or child friendly.
Propagation: Take Cycas babies and place them in new soil.


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Problem Solving

Yellow leaves? Mist your Cycas more often as it is looking for some extra humidity.
Uneven growth? Turn your houseplant regularly to make sure the light is reaching all sides.

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