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Easy to care for and pet friendly, what more could you want from a palm tree? The Chamaedorea Elegans care guide will make sure you are ready for plant parenthood.
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If you consider yourself to be a history buff or a connoisseur of days gone by, the Parlour Palm should be on the top of your list for your next house plant. The Chamaedorea Elegans has been a beloved plant for many since the Victorian Era. As the name suggests, this plant used to be shown off in the best room of residences across Victorian England - the parlour. Not only was this exotic plant a symbol of status, due to its Central American heritage, but it is also surprisingly easy to care for.

The Parlour Palm is a slow grower. If you want to create a statement with it, buy the larger size as you might be waiting a while for the smaller one to reach the ceiling.

When it came to Neanthe Bella Palm care, the Victorians loved the fact that they rarely required watering, could tolerate low light, and withstand rather low minimum temperatures. Your Good Luck Palm will only need to be watered when its soil has completely dried out, and although it would prefer bright, indirect light, it will be happy in low-light conditions too. We’re confident that your house won’t be as cold as a Victorian Parlour, no matter how much you love this time period, just keep your plant above 10 degrees celsius for it to be happy. 

Care Guide

Other Names: Chamaedorea Elegans; Chameadora; Neanthe Bella Palm; Good Luck Palm
Origin: Central America
Light: Your Parlour Palm likes bright, indirect sunlight.
Water: Only water when the soil is completely dry.
Environment: Mist your palm tree when it’s time to water it.
Care: Snip away any dead leaves but avoid cutting the stems.
Location: Living room, hallway, bedroom, office.
Minimum Temperature: 10 degrees
Pet Friendly: Yay, this plant is child and pet friendly.
Propagation: This plant is difficult to propagate, so we would avoid doing so.

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Problem Solving

Brown leaves? You’re overwatering your palm tree; remember to reduce its watering in winter.

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