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Flamestar Prayer Plant

Calathea Flamestar

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I'm mad about mist, if you mist me regularly I'll love you forever!


I can handle a little shade that's thrown my way, but I prefer to be in bright, indirect sunlight.


Everything in moderation is my motto, so I like to be watered little but often, keeping my soil moist.
Botanical name
Calathea Flamestar
Prayer Plant
Plant type
Indoor; Calathea
Plant height (including pot)
30-40cm; 70-80cm
Pet/baby safe?
Baby and pet friendly
Growing Speed
Fast grower - max height 90cm
Nursery pot size
14cm; 19cm

Top tip

The Calathea Flamestar is a very needy plant. Check-in on them regularly to keep them looking their best.

About Flamestar Prayer Plant

The Calathea Flamestar is also known as the Rattlesnake Plant after its long-patterned leaves which resemble rattlesnakes. But don't let the name fool you - this Prayer Plant is actually a big softie! It is pet-friendly and just a little bit (ok very) of a diva. The Calathea Flamestar would actually prefer it if you never left their side. Regularly check on them to keep it from going into a total meltdown.

The trick to Calathea Flamestar care is to water them little and often - never let their soil dry out. Mist them regularly and keep them in temperatures of 18-23°C in bright, indirect sunlight. Try and recreate the conditions of their home, the Brazilian rainforest.

Your Rattlesnake plant will be sure to let you know if you aren't looking after it just right. Notice their leaves starting to crisp? Crank up the humidity by moving them into the bathroom or kitchen, or mist them more. If you have not watered them frequently enough, they will curl up in sadness, and if you don’t mist them, they will droop in disappointment.

They might need a little bit more attention than other plants, but it's worth it! These air-purifying plants look stunning, and they don't grow too big (maximum 90cm) - so they are suitable for any size home.

At Prickle, we are always here to hear you! Send us your Rattlesnake Plant questions @Prickleplantsuk.