Top 5 pet-friendly house plants

Our pet-friendly house plants are wonderful for brightening your home and keeping your furry babies (as well as human ones) safe. Here are the top 5 pet-safe plants at Prickle.
Pet Friendly House Plants | Prickle Plants

From the air-purifying Snake Plant to the gorgeous Curly Spider Plant, we have more plants than we can count at Prickle. But not all our favourite pricks are suitable for homes with pets. Just like when we're shopping for outdoor plants, we need to make wise choices. The temptation to snuffle up toxic leaves and allergy-causing flowers is something we can easily help our pets avoid by choosing pet-safe varieties.

This list of plants, from tall tree-like palms to cute baby plants, not only look great but are all pet-safe.

Choosing plants your pets will love

A pet-friendly house plant is suitable for cats and dogs alike (and rabbits, hamsters and any other unique pet you own). The perfect plant will be totally non-toxic and safe, even when a few leaves are accidentally chewed up.

Even trailing plants can cause your pets harm, although they may be placed out of reach in hanging baskets, the leaves can fall to the ground and be nibbled up. And let's not underestimate the climbing ability of Mrs Whiskersons either. Selecting pet friendly plants also means that these plants are safe for babies and small children who might be tempted by a lush looking leaf or two.

Although plant pots are not poisonous, they're not completely harmless - when knocked off a shelf by a wagging tail, some damage can be done. We recommend making sure all pots are sturdy and won't fall easily.

Ponytail Palm | Beaucarnea Nolina Tall | Prickle Plants

Toxic plants to avoid

At Prickle, we label all our pet friendly house plants as non-toxic, however we also have many fabulous plants that are popular, just not with your four legged friends! If you choose to pick one of these, then keep them well out of reach.

Although they'd make a beautiful addition to your home, you should avoid these toxic plants:

  • Blue Star Fern - as beautiful as the leaves are, it's toxic!

  • Zebra Elephant Ear - rare, unusual and toxic.

  • African Mask Plant - sun lover, pet hater.

  • Ficus Bonsai Tree - air purifying but not pet friendly.

  • Lil' Red Zirkon - don't be fooled by its cute appearance

For plants that will work in harmony with your fuzzy friends, choose plants that are completely safe for cats and dogs. From the Money Tree to the Watermelon Peperomia, you have plenty of choice.

Chinese Money Plant | Pilea Peperomioides | Prickle Plants

Pet friendly indoor plants

Our pet friendly house plants aren't limited to the common varieties. You can find Spider Plants in homes across the UK, but these plants include some more unusual pricks.

Don't forget that you can propagate your pet friendly plants to create little baby plants to share with friends - read our guide to learn more.

Maidenhair Fern

Not to be confused with the Boston Fern (although that variety is also safe for pets), the Nephrolepis Exaltata Bostoniensis, better known as the Maidenhair Fern, is one of the best pet friendly house plants.

Add some delicate and minimilist vibes to your home decor with the Maidenhair Fern, just avoid touching its leaves. The lime-green colour is beautiful and curious pets are totally safe around it.

Water when the soil is dry, rather than keeping the soil moist, and let this beauty have access to bright, indirect sunlight. It can grow up to 50cm in height, so it's wonderful for smaller apartments and shelf spaces.

I love humidity

Ferns make lovely pet friendly houseplants, but they tend to prefer humid environments and dislike being in an overly sunny spot. Place your ferns in humid spots around your house - the bathroom is always a good place.

It's worth noting that while the non-poisonous leaves will keep your pets safe after a munch or two, the plant itself is quite fussy and might not respond well to curious paws.

Maidenhair Fern | Adiantum Raddianum Fragrans | Prickle Plants

Parlour Palm

Like the Chinese Money Plant, Chamaedorea Elegans (better known as the Parlour Palm) is associated with good fortune and has been a popular houseplant since the Victorian age. Safe for both cats and dogs, Parlour Palms can grow to 1 metre in height - over 3 feet tall.

These house plants are compatible with your furry friend and are blissfully low maintenance. This makes them excellent plant gifts for friends who have pets. Our smallest Parlour Palm plant is 30cm tall, perfect for home offices.

Other palm varieties for your home that are safe for pets include the Areca Palm and the Ponytail Palm, both are perfect for beginners.

I'm a slow grower

Able to survive in a little shade, the Parlour Palm prefers bright yet indirect light over low light. If the leaves start to fade, that's a sign that it is getting a little too much sun. It's a notorious slow grower so there is no worry it will outgrow its decorative pot quickly.

This houseplant can take decades to grow to its full height, so if you do want a statement palm in your home, best to size up.

Parlour Palm | Chamaedorea Elegans | Prickle Plants

Ornata Prayer Plant

The Calathea family is known for being non-poisonous, including Calathea Ornata, aka the Ornata Prayer Plant. These pet-safe plants give your home a tropical feel with unique patterns and colours.

Growing natively in South America, this is a fast grower that wouldn't survive outside in the garden in the UK, it prefers a warm humid room to live in. We love the leaves of the Ornata Prayer Plant the most. They're glossy and dark green with light stripes on the surface, with the undersides being an intriguing purple maroon colour too. It's a show stopper for sure.

Keep me out of direct sunlight!

Calathea Ornatas hate indirect light and prefer to live in the shade. If you notice the beautiful pink tinted stripes fade on the leaves, the plant is getting a little too much light.

Growing up to a maximum height of 1.2 metres, you'll need to place these plants directly on the floor or on a low table. With their non-toxic leaves, they'll keep your cats and dogs safe even though they're within reach of your furry friends.

Calathea Ornata | Prayer Plant | Prickle Plants

Banana Plant

The Musa dwarf cavendish, better known as the Banana Plant, is safe for cats and dogs. It's one of our grandest indoor plants and grows to heights of 3 metres. It's basically an indoor tree!

Both the foliage and the stem of these indoor plants are totally pet friendly. Like trees, Banana Plants love bright conditions, preferring bright light with a little direct sunlight.

The leaves of the Banana Plant can be a little delicate, but due to the super fast-growing nature of this plant it will soon recover. Our smallest Banana Plant at Prickle is the Lil' Banana Plant, starting at just 10 to 20cm in height.

I'm a tall houseplant

Trees don't usually make good houseplants, requiring direct sunlight and plenty of space. However, the Banana Tree Plant is a tad more shade-tolerant and enjoys indirect light. It's a fantastic pet safe, harmless houseplant for tall areas - the entrance hallway or in the corner by some French doors, to draw attention to the height of the room.

Banana Plant | Musa Dwarf Cavendish | Prickle Plants

Triostar Prayer Plant

Our final pet safe plant is the effortlessly low maintenance Calathea Stromanthe Triostar. Commonly referred to as the Triostar Prayer Plant, this is another favourite at Prickle. With bright green and pink foliage, it will let you know if the indirect light is a bit too much by dropping those beautiful pink shades.

Although this plant is a little fussy with light, it's still fairly easy to grow. We recommend popping it in the bathroom, where the light tends to be lower and there's plenty of warm humidity. Unable to survive in the garden or even a cold room in your home, this pet-friendly Prickle loves temperatures above 15°C all year round.

Put me in a shady spot

Triostar Prayer Plants are slow growing, so they won't out grow their pot in a rush. As pet safe plants, you can also place them on the floor or in a room frequented by your pets without worry.

In its native environment, the Triostar Prayer Plant can flower in the springtime with beautiful orange yellow flowers. However, in the UK, it's very rare for these plants to have the right conditions to flower. But that's okay - the foliage alone is stunning!

Triostar Prayer Plant | Calathea Stromanthe Triostar | Prickle Plants

Tips for houseplants

From pet friendly houseplants to air purifying flowers, we have a great range of pricks to add some interest to your home! Just look at our range of plants and choose one that's marked as non-toxic to pets.

If your home gets plenty of indirect light, there are some fun exotic plants you can explore. If you have a shady home, don't worry! Many of our Prayer Plants thrive in the shade and are safe for your pets as well.

Once you've chosen a plant, you can find helpful guides for growing and caring for your new plant friend on our blog.

Follow us on social media @prickplantsuk and keep a lookout for new pet-friendly pricks every week. Need some advice on finding plant that's suitable for a more unusual pet? Email us on We’re always happy to help you grow your plant family!

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