Styling your Lil’ Pricks

Got some Lil' Pricks but no idea where to put them? We've got you covered. Here are our baby plant styling tips.
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The day has finally arrived, your Lil' Pricks are here. It's the best day of the But, oh no! Your excitement slightly subsides as you start to realise that you haven’t actually thought about where you are going to put your new pride and joy! How will this little chappy mingle and get along with others? Should it go up high? Or should it go down low? Does it even like other Lil’ Pricks? Can you put it in the front or the back?

All we can say is, do not fret, there is a perfect home for every Lil’ Prick out there! They may be gloriously adorable and look like a delicate little soul, but you can rest easy. We know the best places for your little bundle of joy. So, let us help you decide where you can put your Lil’ Prick.

Finding a home for your Lil’ Prick

The first thing you are going to want to do with your brand new baby plant is to find it a lovely home. Deciding on its perfect location will depend on a couple of things. But, making sure you get the lighting situation correct is vital. For example, shade-tolerant plants are best suited to North facing rooms, whilst sun lovers are best in the South. If you want a full breakdown of the lighting requirements for plants in general, check out our houseplant sunlight guide where we shed some light on the matter.

One of the things we love most about our Lil’ Pricks is their size - they are absolutely tiny! This means that they will, quite literally, fit anywhere in your house, making them ideal for households that are restricted on space. Shelves are a great home for any miniature plants, especially the ones that are shade tolerant as (you guessed it) they can tolerate the shade! The Lil’ Snake Plant (Sansevieria Green Hahnii) and the Lil’ Medallion Prayer Plant (Calathea Medallion), which are both shade-tolerant, absolutely love hanging out on your shelves.

Another space that suits baby plants is kitchens, especially for those that love a bit of humidity. We would recommend the Lil’ Dragon Scale (Alocasia Baginda) and the Lil’ Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides) for smaller kitchens. Although, they will be happy chappies in much larger kitchens too!

Lastly, why not put your gloriously fabulous Lil’ Prick up high on the mantelpiece! Your mantelpiece is not only the ideal place for your Lil’ Prick to catch visitors' eyes, they are perfect locations to let your trailing plants “hang” out. Therefore, plants like the Lil’ Sweetheart Plant (Philodendron Scandens) and the Lil’ Trailing Jade (Peperomia Rotundifolia) are destined to be shown off atop the mantle.

Give them friends

Now your Lil’ Prick has found its perfect spot to chill out and relax, why not find them some buddies to hang out with. Baby plants absolutely love being close to other Lil’ Pricks and it can help them grow big and strong. This is mostly because the humidity surrounding them will increase - which a big majority of plants love. Luckily, unlike Joey with his food, your Lil’ Prick does share (its humidity anyway).

When it comes to finding their buddies, you need to make sure they have reasonably similar requirements. For example, a shade lover and sun worshipper may look fantastic side by side, but you are going to struggle to keep them both happy. The same goes for ones that prefer a drier environment versus ones that want a lot of misting and humidity. So don’t worry if your baby plants feel as unsuited as Chandler and Janice, there’s a Monica out there for it.

We think that as long as their preferred environments vaguely match, all Lil’ Pricks look fantastic together. However, we do have a few pairings that are a match made in heaven! The Lil’ Banana Plant (Musa Dwarf Cavendish) and the Lil’ Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa) make a fantastic couple - no “we were on a break!” arguments here! The Lil' Senecio Himalaya (Senecio Archeri Himalaya) and the Lil’ Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema Commutatum) also make for a great duo.

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