A guide to the Zebra Plant

With velvet like leaves, the Zebra Plant is pet friendly and a great coffee table plant. Read out easy guide on caring for your Calathea.
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You would be forgiven if, due to its name, you thought this plant enjoys basking in the sun on the planes of Africa. However, the Zebra plant actually hails all the way from South America and would much prefer to spend its days chilling out in indirect sunlight or the shade.

This small to medium-sized plant is a great fit for either the kitchen or bathroom as it loves to stay nice and humid. You can also rest easy knowing that the Zebrina gets on great with children and pets alike.

With velvet-like leaves, dusting the Zebra Plant can be a little difficult. Pop your Calathea in the shower and give it a rinse off to get it looking brand new again.

One similarity the Calathea Zebrina shares with its animal namesake is its love of water, so make sure you keep it well refreshed. Ensure that you water it every week or so, or whenever the first 5cm of soil becomes dry, to keep your Calathea a happy bunny zebra. 

As much as this plant loves its water, it can occasionally be a bit picky. Sometimes tap water can be a little bit too harsh for its sensitive tastes. Instead, try letting your tap water sit for a little while before watering to slightly reduce the acidity. While we’re on the topic, if your Calathea’s leaves start to curl up, make sure you get it to the watering hole stat!

Care Guide

Other Names: Calathea Zebrina
Originated: South America
Light: Keep it in indirect sunlight. This plant also loves a little shade. 
Water: Water every week or two, or when the first 5 cm of soil is dry.
Environment: The Calathea loves humidity, mist them often to keep them happy.
Care: Sometimes tap water is too harsh for your Calathea, let the water sit for a bit or switch to filtered.
Location: Kitchen, bathroom, living room.
Minimum Temperature: 15 degrees.
Pet Friendly: Yay, this plant is child and pet friendly.
Propagation: Cut at the stems and place in water to propagate.

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Problem Solving

Curling leaves? Your Zebra Plant is asking for more water, give it a good drink.
Crisp / dropping leaves? Move your Calathea into a more humid room, or mist more frequently.

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