A guide to the Fishbone Cactus

The statement Fishbone Cactus will look stylish in any room. Read our simple care guide to help you on your plant parenthood journey.
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The Zig Zag Cactus is an unusual plant that originated in the rainforests of Mexico. The slightly bizarre leaves of this plant are long and flat and resemble the bones of a fish - spine and ribs included (plant naming at its absolute finest if we say so ourselves). But this isn’t just any old fish, this is in fact a flying fish! You can expect to see the roots of the Disocactus Anguliger going aerial and reaching high heights.

Aerial roots on the Fishbone Cactus are normal, however, it can mean that your houseplant is looking for more humidity. To be safe, we would recommend increasing its misting schedule.

Being from the rainforest, the Epiphyllum Anguliger absolutely loves humidity. So, ensure you place it in a suitable room (e.g. kitchen or bathroom). If you can’t find the space for your new plant in either of these rooms, just make sure to give it a mist on a regular basis. Surprisingly , when it comes to watering your rainforest dwelling Zig Zag Cactus, you ideally want to wait until the soil is totally dried out before giving it a top-up. A tell-tale sign to look out for if your Rik Rak is in desperate need of a drink is if the stems start to look a little wrinkled.


Care Guide

Other Names: Epiphyllum Anguliger; Zig Zag Cactus; Rik Rak Cactus; Disocactus Anguliger
Origin: Central America
Light: This plant loves bright, indirect light but can also handle some shade.
Water: Let the soil dry out completely before watering this houseplant.
Environment: Mist your Fishbone Cactus regularly if it's not in a humid room.
Care: This plant is quite heavy, so make sure your pot can handle it (and it doesn’t tip over).
Location: Living room, bedroom, office.
Minimum Temperature: 10 degrees.
Pet Friendly: Keep little ones away from this plant, it's not pet or child friendly.
Propagation: Cut near the base of the stem and let it dry out for a few days before repotting.

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Problem Solving

Red leaves? Your Fishbone Cactus needs more sunlight.

Wrinkled stems? Give this cactus a good drink and it will go back to normal.

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