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Fishbone Cactus

Epiphyllum Anguliger

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Sun Lover
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An occasional spray of mist is my beauty secret to looking fabulous!


I can handle a little shade that's thrown my way, but I prefer to be in bright, indirect sunlight.


I don't need much water. If my soil is dry I'm thirsty and it's time to water me!
Botanical name
Epiphyllum Anguliger
Fishbone Cactus; Zig Zag Cactus; Rik Rak Cactus
Plant type
Indoor; Cacti & Succulent
Plant height (including pot)
20-30cm; 50-60cm
Pet/baby safe?
Baby and pet friendly
Growing Speed
Slow grower - max height 2m
Nursery pot size
12cm; 20cm

Top tip

The Fishbone Cactus will flower in autumn if the conditions are perfect. These scented flowers will come to bloom for one night only, so keep your eyes peeled.

About Fishbone Cactus

The Epiphyllum Anguliger isn't exactly what comes to mind when picturing a cactus. Also known as the Fishbone Cactus for it's unique zig-zag-shaped trailing leaves that resemble (you guessed it) fish bones!

The Zig-Zag Cactus comes from Mexico and loves the sun so keep it in bright, indirect sunlight. If it isn't getting enough sun its leaves will start to get a red tinge. Keep the Fishbone Cactus in warm temperatures between 16-25°C (min 10°C) and avoid draughts. As a succulent, it will store water, so only water it when the soil is dry. If its stems start to wrinkle it's telling you it wants a drink.

Your cactus also likes a little misting and if it isn't humid enough its roots may begin to show. As Fishbone Cactus leaves grow downwards, this tall plant looks great on a high shelf or hanging basket so they can trail down to their full potential of 2m long. If you don't have the space for this trailing plant, you can trim it to your desired length. Be warned, this is a heavy plant so make sure your pot (and walls) can accommodate it!

At Prickle, we are always here to hear you! Send us your Fishbone Cactus questions @prickleplantsuk.