A guide to the Cast Iron Plant

The Aspidistra Elatior is one of the most easy to care for plants. Read our care guide for our best tips and tricks.
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As the name of the Cast Iron Plant suggests, this plant is hard as nails, and it will take more than some shade or a lack of watering for it to kick the plant pot. Essentially the Chuck Norris of the houseplant community, the Aspidistra Elatior is ideal for anyone who is slightly lacking in the green-fingered department. Now don’t get us wrong, if you starve your plant of water or keep it locked in a cold basement for a month or two, it may start to look a little bit down in the dumps. However, it is likely that the tough Bar Room Plant might even be able to bounce back from this!

Make sure you let the water fully drain away before placing your Cast Iron Plant back, it can get root rot very easily.

If you do want your Aspidistra Elatior looking its absolute best, make sure you try and water it every fortnight or so. You will also want to keep it in an indirect, shady corner that gets no chillier than 10 degrees celsius.

There is one thing to keep an eye out for with your Cast Iron Plant, little guys with short man syndrome trying to give it the “big I am.” And by this, we mean annoying pests trying to throw a cheap shot when its back is turned. Keep an eye out for them and use pest remover if they dare come near your Cast Iron.

Care Guide

Other Names: Aspidistra Elatior; Bar Room Plant; Aspidistra
Origin: Southeast Asia
Light: The Cast Iron Plant loves the shade, so keep it in indirect light or a darker spot.
Water: Water when the first 5cm of soil is dry – usually fortnightly.
Environment: Mist this houseplant when it's time to water it.
Care: This plant is prone to pest problems, so keep an eye out for them.
Location: Living room, bedroom, office, hallway.
Minimum Temperature: 10 degrees
Pet Friendly: Keep little ones away from this plant, it's not pet or child friendly.
Propagation: Split up the roots, giving each plant 2-3 stems, and repot.

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Problem Solving

Brown leaves? Water your Cast Iron Plant more often, it's thirsty.
Yellow leaves? Lay off the watering for a little while and let the soil dry out before giving it a drink.
Scorched leaves? Move your houseplant to a spot with less sun, it's getting burnt.

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