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Lil' Venus Fly Trap

Sarracenia Stevensii

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I'm destined for the desert, so keep my environment dry and mist free to keep me happy.


Nobody puts baby in a corner! I like to be in the spotlight and thrive on direct sunlight.


Everything in moderation is my motto, so I like to be watered little but often, keeping my soil moist.
Botanical name
Sarracenia Stevensii
Pitcher Plant; Carnivorous Pitcher Plant; Trumpet Pitcher
Plant type
Indoor; Carnivorous
Plant height (including pot)
Pet/baby safe?
Baby and pet friendly
Growing Speed
Fast grower - max height 25cm
Nursery pot size

Top tip

The Pitcher Plant prefers rainwater over tap water. Leave a jug outside next time it rains, and your Venus Fly Trap will be happy next time it's thirsty.

About Lil' Venus Fly Trap

While the baby Venus Flytrap may sound like a scary carnivorous plant, it is actually a pet-friendly houseplant (unless you have pet flies... then not too much). Keep your Sarracenia Stevensii baby plant in a dry environment, so keep it away from bathrooms and kitchens.

Little and often works best for watering this plant, don't let the soil dry out and always give it rainwater. If you see the leaves of your baby Pitcher Plant looking a little crisp, move it away from a radiator (it will need a touch more humidity).

While we often think of it in a jungle setting, the Venus Fly Trap originates from North America. Preferring the cold, keep temperatures between 5-20°C (minimum of 0° for a short time). This houseplant loves direct sunlight and will be happiest in your living room or bedroom.

Don't panic if all of a sudden your baby Pitcher Plant turns black, this just means it is dormant. Give it a prune and wait for it to come back to life in spring. Luckily this carnivorous plant doesn't get bigger than 25cm, so you don't have to worry about being on the menu.

At Prickle, we are always here to hear you! Send us your Sarracenia Stevensii baby plant questions @prickleplantsuk.