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Lil' Purple Flush

Senecio Purple Flush

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I'm destined for the desert, so keep my environment dry and mist free to keep me happy.


Nobody puts baby in a corner! I like to be in the spotlight and thrive on direct sunlight.


I don't need much water. If my soil is dry I'm thirsty and it's time to water me!
Botanical name
Senecio Purple Flush
Purple Senecio
Plant type
Indoor; Senecio
Air purifying?
Plant height (including pot)
Pet/baby safe?
Growing Speed
Slow grower - max height 25cm
Nursery pot size

Top tip

Provide bright, indirect sunlight to bring out the stunning purple coloration of the Purple Flush. Avoid overwatering to maintain its vibrant appearance.

About Lil' Purple Flush

Lil' Purple Flush, scientifically known as Senecio Purple Flush, is a captivating and fast-growing indoor plant that will add elegance and style to any space. Its stunning purple foliage is a standout feature, making it a popular choice among plant enthusiasts.

Originating from South Africa, the Purple Flush thrives in bright, indirect sunlight, which brings out the vibrant purple coloration of its leaves. This eye-catching plant is a perfect addition to windowsills or shelves where it can receive ample sunlight throughout the day.

The Purple Flush is a fast grower, reaching a maximum height of 30-40cm. Its trailing and cascading growth habit makes it an excellent choice for hanging pots or as a stunning centerpiece on a plant shelf.

As beautiful as it is, the Purple Flush is toxic to pets and children. Therefore, it's essential to keep it out of their reach to ensure a safe and worry-free environment.

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