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Lil' Begonia Butterfly

Begonia Amphioxus

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Baby Plant
Shade Tolerant
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An occasional spray of mist is my beauty secret to looking fabulous!


I'm happiest in a nice shady area out of the sun.


Everything in moderation is my motto, so I like to be watered little but often, keeping my soil moist.
Botanical name
Begonia Amphioxus
Begonia amphioxus ‘Butterfly’; Polka Dot Begonia
Plant type
Indoor; Begonia
Plant height (including pot)
Pet/baby safe?
Toxic to pets and babies
Growing Speed
Fast grower - max height 70cm
Nursery pot size

Top tip

This plant may flower a few times a year with the right love and attention. Give it a feed once a month and you'll see it bloom in no time.

About Lil' Begonia Butterfly

The Lil' Butterfly Begonia, or Begonia Amphioxus ‘Butterfly’ is a unique and beautiful houseplant with striking red polka-dotted foliage. This diva requires an expert touch and isn't afraid to demand you live up to its high standards. When it first arrives, your Lil' Butterfly Begonia will likely be horrified at the turn of events - "you call that first class delivery?" - and, therefore, it will drop its leaves for at least a month in protest. However, once it realises how lovely its new home it will start to thrive. Ideally, keep it in your bathroom, kitchen, or even a terrarium, since it loves humidity and enclosed spaces.

All divas know that bright, indirect light, plenty of shade, and drinking water regularly are the best ways to keep skin and foliage healthy - sunspots are out, polka dots are in. The Pink Spotted Begonia originates from Southeast Asia so it prefers temperatures between 15-27°C but can tolerate as low as 10°C. This Lil' Prick doesn't like sharing you with anyone else (how else would you have time to cater to its needs?) so keep away from pets and little Pricklettes. While the Begonia Amphioxus might be hard work - we think it's well worth the challenge!

At Prickle, we are always here to hear you! Send us your Butterfly Begonia baby plant questions @prickleplantsuk.