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Boston Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata Bostoniensis

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I'm mad about mist, if you mist me regularly I'll love you forever!


I can handle a little shade that's thrown my way, but I prefer to be in bright, indirect sunlight.


Everything in moderation is my motto, so I like to be watered little but often, keeping my soil moist.
Botanical name
Nephrolepis exaltata Bostoniensis
Boston Fern; Sword Fern; Nephrolepis Green Lady; Nephrolepis Exaltata
Plant type
Indoor; Fern
Plant height (including pot)
30-40cm; 40-50cm; 50-60cm; 60-70cm
Pet/baby safe?
Baby and pet friendly
Growing Speed
Fast grower - max height 1m
Nursery pot size
12cm; 17cm; 20cm; 26cm

Top tip

Give the Boston Fern a haircut when you notice some yellowing leaves, but avoid any foliage on top of the plant. This will not only make it look lovely but encourage new growth.

About Boston Fern

The classic Boston Fern is essential to any plant parent. Dip your toe into the diva house plants with this fern. This pampered Prickle Plant loves to be misted regularly and watered little but often. The Nephrolepis Boston Fern prefers lukewarm water so try to use this when watering. We did warn you they are a bit difficult!

Although its care can be daunting, once you get into the rhythm of it, the Boston Fern will reward you. This North American beautiful is pet-friendly and air purifying and loves to be trimmed into shape with a regular haircut.

This hanging fern knows that lower lights are more flattering, so it thrives in indirect light or even shade. Of course, they wouldn't want to ruin their fabulous hair with too much heat, so they prefer temperatures between 16-24°C, or even as low as 12°C.

At Prickle, we are always here to hear you! Send us your Boston Fern questions @prickleplantsuk.