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Abidjan Rubber Plant

Ficus Abidjan

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Unique Foliage
Shade Tolerant
Low Maintenance
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An occasional spray of mist is my beauty secret to looking fabulous!


I can handle a little shade that's thrown my way, but I prefer to be in bright, indirect sunlight.


Keep it consistent, once the top two inches of soil are dry, water me so I keep looking my best.
Botanical name
Ficus Abidjan
Abidjan Rubber Plant; Rubber Bush; Indian Rubber Fig; Indian Rubber Tree
Plant type
Indoor; Ficus
Plant height (including pot)
30-40cm; 50-60cm; 80-90cm
Pet/baby safe?
Toxic to pets and babies
Growing Speed
Average grower - max height 2m
Nursery pot size
12cm; 17cm; 21cm

Top tip

Popular in the 70's, give your home a retro look with the Rubber Plant. The dark foliage and unique leaves will match any interior style.

About Abidjan Rubber Plant

The retro Ficus Abidjan was popular in the 70's thanks to its striking rubbery, dark purple-looking leaves. Easy to care for and low maintenance, the Rubber Plant doesn't need a lot to thrive. It loves the warmth, so keep the temperatures between 16 and 24°C, and avoid draughts.

Although the Ficus Elastica loves bright, indirect sunlight, it's chill with being in the shade a little too - but, if its leaves start to drop, some more light would be appreciated.

Originally from India, Rubber Plant need watered regularly and misted occasionally to keep them feeling fresh. Give them a monthly feed during spring and summer for them to grow a little extra.

This indoor plant is an average grower and will reach heights of 2m. The Ficus Abidjan just isn't ready to hang up its platform shoes and settle down yet, so it's "not great with" (read poisonous to) kids and pets.

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