A guide to the Tassel Fern

The Tassel Fern is a gloriously quirky plant that is easiest to care for than you think! We've got a simple guide to get you on your way.
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The Tassel Fern is a gloriously quirky plant that originates from the West Indian Ocean, and it loves it hot, so make sure you keep it somewhere above 15 degrees celsius. The same goes for its love of light, make sure you keep it in bright, direct sunlight, avoiding shady spots at all costs! Coming from the ocean also means it has a bit of a soft spot for high humidity and a nice little breeze, so cracking a window is a must to keep it happy.

The key to looking after your Tassel Fern is high humidity and good air movement. Open a window regularly to let the air circulate.

The Huperzia Squarrosa (its “official” name) likes to take its time in the growth department - so don’t expect it to be a fast grower. If you notice that things seem to be going nowhere in terms of growth, a healthy portion of nitrogen fertiliser once a month should get things moving again nicely. 

The Phlegmariurus Squarrosus (yet another alias for the Tassel Fern) likes to take its time when it comes to propagating; it can take up to a year to be ready for planting. Unless you have the time and patience, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Care Guide

Other Names: Huperzia Squarrosa; Phlegmariurus Squarrosus; Huperzia Lycopodium Squarrosa; Club Moss; Tassel Rock Fern;
Originated: West Indian Ocean
Light: Keep in bright, indirect sunlight and avoid any shaded corners.
Water: Water your Tassel Fern when the first 5cm of soil is dry – usually fortnightly.
Environment: Mist this houseplant regularly if it's not in a humid room.
Care: Use lukewarm water and fully drain your Tassel Fern before putting back.
Location: Kitchen, bathroom, living room.
Minimum Temperature: 15 degrees.
Pet Friendly: The Tassel Fern is toxic to children and pets, so keep it out their way.
Propagation: It can take over a year to successfully propagate, so we wouldn’t recommend it.

Tassel Fern

Huperzia Squarrosa
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Problem Solving

Dropping leaves? Your Tassel Fern wants a big drink of water.
Not growing? Add some nitrogen fertiliser for an extra boost monthly to see some growth.

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