A guide to the Pinstripe Calathea

The Pin Stripe Calathea is pet friendly, low maintenance and shade tolerant, what more could you want from a houseplant?
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If you see yourself as a swanky broad or fella, the Calathea Ornata will be the perfect addition to your household. The elegant pinstriped leaves of this plant will have you thinking of a gangster from the 20’s dressed to the nines in no time at all. Not only does this cool cat look the absolute bee’s knees, Pin Stripe Calathea care is also pretty easy. But before you live out your Al Capone fantasy by donning your fedora and loading your tommy gun, let's see just how (speak)easy it is to look after your Calathea Ornata.

Avoid letting the soil completely dry out, in summer increase how often you water the Calathea and reduce in winter.

Simply pick up your water-shooter and pump your Peacock Plant full of water (whenever the first 5cm of soil is dry) - especially if its leaves start to look like they are curling. However, if you really want your Striped Calathea looking like the cat’s pyjamas, make sure your heater is loaded with filtered water. If you want to make sure you don’t accidentally rub out your lovely new Calathea Sanderiana, make sure you always keep it above 15 degrees celsius and mist on a regular basis.

Care Guide

Other Names: Calathea Ornata; Pin Stripe Calathea; Striped Calathea; Peacock Plant; Calathea Sanderiana;
Originated: South America
Light: Keep your Pin Stripe Calathea in bright, indirect sunlight.
Water: Water every week or two, or whenever the first 5 cm of soil is dry
Environment: The Calathea loves humidity, mist it often to keep it happy
Care: This plant likes filtered water over tap water.
Location: Kitchen. Bathroom, living room. 
Minimum Temperature: 15 degrees
Pet Friendly: Yay, this plant is child and pet friendly.
Propagation: Divide up the plant when repotting to propagate.

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Problem Solving

Curling leaves? Give your Calathea a drink more often, it’s a bit thirsty.
Crisp / dropping leaves? Give your houseplant a mist more often or move into a more humid room.

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