A guide to the Black Coral Snake Plant

The Black Coral Snake Plant is the less common sister of the Mother-in-law's Tongue. Ready our simple guide to caring for this low maintenance house plant.
Prickle Plants Black Coral Snake Plant Guide

The slightly scarily named Snake Plant Black Coral is known for its dark green, pointy leaves that have lovely vertical markings of a lighter colour. Its alternative (and potentially even scarier) name, Mother-In-Laws Tongue, should not put you off either as it is the perfect addition to any home. It’s known for being very easy to care for, and you don’t need to worry about paying it much attention for weeks on end. Sounding better than the actual Mother-In-Law already, right?

The biggest killer of Snake Plants is over watering. The best way to let it flourish is to forget about it for a few weeks.

Just like its namesake animal, the Sansevieria Black Coral loves being kept in a dry environment. Don’t even think about grabbing the watering can until the soil is completely dry! The same can be said about the humidity requirements of this plant, so the drier living room, bedroom, or office the perfect location for it. Although, do keep an eye out for any browning of the tips as you may need to give it a slight misting every now and then.

If you are looking to propagate your Snake Plant, simply cut away the Snakelets (we checked and this is actually the correct term for baby snakes) and let them slither down roots into some fresh soil.

Care guide

Other Names: Sansevieria Black Coral; Mother-in-law's Tongue;
Origin: West Africa
Light: Keep your Snake Plant in bright, indirect light or a little shade. 
Water: Only water when the soil is completely dry.
Environment: Keep it in a dry environment, think desert conditions.
Care: Scarring on the leaves is normal and comes with age.
Location: Living room, bedroom, hallway, office.
Minimum Temperature: 10 degrees.
Pet Friendly: This plant is toxic to children and pets. Keep out of reach of them.
Propagation: Cut babies away and let them sit in soil to grow roots.

Black Coral Snake Plant

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Problem solving

Brown tips? Lots of brown tips mean your Snake Plant wants some more humidity.
Mushy leaves? Your plant is being over watered or left to sit in water.

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